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We are very grateful that you have signed on to join us in prayer for the days leading up to and including the Sermonindex Revival Conference Simulcast.  We know the promise of Christ, 'if two of you agree as touching anything here on earth, it shall be done for you in heaven.'  And seeing these evil days we are in, these days are especially important to prevail in prayer.  Thank you again for joining us and we look forward to this great opportunity that the Lord is allowing for us in October.

When people sign up to be a prayer partner, there is a wide range of prayers.  There are some of you that you have done this for years and you have your way of prayer.  There are others that are new to this and wondering what is required and what they should pray for.  This letter is to set before us a basic over all coverage of topics to bring before the Lord in agreement.  This may not be all inclusive of the topics and you can add in your prayer time those which the Spirit brings to your mind and heart.  But this is to have a general coverage of the issues that we desire to see covered daily before the Lord between now and October.

First, as agreeing to be a prayer partner, it is assumed that you are praying person.  And we know very well, that schedules are different, prayer times are different and that adjustments must be made.  But as a general rule, we are asking of you, as you are able to develop your own prayer times for this gathering, that you come daily, each day before the Lord to pray over these things.  Some days may be cut short, due to circumstance, work, situations and we understand that each day may bring its own issues.  We simply ask that you remain faithful for the next 5 and 1/2 months to pray in agreement each day with us.

Secondly, as we are praying together, there are other opportunities for us to pray together throughout each month.
1.  On the last Saturday of each month, Dai Sup hosts a prayer time via conference call.  He has agreed to focus for about 2 hours each morning on that Saturday for the Revival Conference.  Others of the conference and Sermonindex join that prayer time.

2.  Brother Edgar Reich, also one of the speakers for the conference, hosts the Monday night prayer call, via conference call.  This call is 9 PM (est) each week.  And he has agreed to allow for us to join them one Monday night each month to focus in prayer for the gathering and for revival.

3.  We are hopeful to secure one more opportunity that will allow for us each month to pray together, and details will be shared when that happens.  

As your prayer time for this gathering begins, here is a list of topics that you can pray specifically over:

1.  The Days -- October 3, Wednesday evening, a prayer gathering that evening;  October 4 - 6, Thursday - Saturday;  each day to cover the days together, the overall gathering and the activity of that specific day of speakers,

2.  The Speakers --  by name specifically to cover them:  Al Whittinghill;  John Avant; Brian Long; Glenn Shepherd;  Malachi O'Brien;  Sandeen Poneen;  Edgar Reich;  Douglas Detert; Shane Idleman;  Keith Daniel;  David Guzik;  and Dan Biser;
Moderators:  Don Currin;  Dan Biser;  Greg Gordon;

For the speakers and leaders of this gathering pray for --  preparation, to hear from God for the message to share;  keep them from the enemies assault and attacks;  Divine Holy fullness upon each that we be as one, and Spirit filled to see His glory;  

3.  Host Church -- Westside Christian Fellowship;  Leona Valley, CA;
Pastor -- Shane Idelman;

The host church, pastor and staff need to be held up during these days.  The enemy can attack right at the heart of where we are to be gathered.  And our preparation and prayer of protection for the place of gathering is needful so that it is ready, a holy place and consecrated for the days there.  All the issues of housing, food, services, travel, tech issues are needed to be brought before the Lord.  His Divine Presence to help them, protect them and aid them for all that needs to be done.

4.  Simulcast Host --  Many cannot attend at the home church, but will be participating with us at their own respective churches and homes.  The issues to bring before the Lord is of course, tech issues, distractions that may hinder all these from participating.  This is a world wide opportunity and governments, the enemy, and issues will be used to stop and restrict participants from being with us.  Pray for deliverance, protection and restrain the enemy from his plans and devices.

5.  Revival  -- this is a gathering, to bring forth a solemn charge that God is worthy and desires to Manifest His Divine Presence to His church.  Many of you have longed desired and prayed for revival to fall upon the church, the body of Christ.  God birthed that desire within you, and this seeks to encourage and continue to be steadfast, unmoveable, persevering and faithful to this charge.  We lose focus, get discouraged, forget, become unbelieving, and negligent, these are the things the enemy wants.  But this gathering is to renew us to the desperate hour we are in and how much, more than ever, we need God.  Continue and pray for God's Divine Manifest Presence  'to come down'.

These are just a few points to consider and bring before the Lord together.  As I said, it is not a complete lists by any means, but just the basic oversight for us to bring before the Lord daily.  Thank you again for joining us and may God be pleased and glorified.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


dan biser

Started:  April 18, 2018

Continued:  April 20;


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